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Santa visits Spondeo team in Poznań

This year our team celebrated Christmas by spending an amazing afternoon with a very special guest from the far North - the one and only Santa from Rovaniemi!!!

On the main stage of the Poznań Christmas Market, Santa supported Druzynaszpiku, a team of amazing people popularizing the idea of donating bone marrow in a struggle with leukemia.

We also had the possibility to chat with Santa, take pictures, or ask any question we had in our minds since childhood :) With beautiful Christmas carols in the background, mulled wine, hot chocolate, Fazer chocolate and gingerbread smell all around, we spent quality time with our business partners and their families, Spondeo team, including part of our Ukrainian team, Natalia Kachmar & Tetiana Sen.

The event and Santa’s visit were organized with the support of the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce ( SPCC ), Espeo Software, Ted Gifted, and Fazer.


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