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7 technological areas with greatest impact on Polish economy in the near future

According to the analysis by Łukasiewicz – Institute for Organisation and Management in Industry “Orgmasz”, telemedicine and intelligent agriculture are sectors with the biggest potential to develop Polish economy.

Remote patient monitoring was rated as a top single technology, both in terms of its readiness for development in Poland and its potential benefits. The virtual medical diagnosis sector is expected to grow dynamically by up to 15% annually in the next decade.

Intelligent agriculture was rated the highest as a general group of various technologies that are particularly important in face of civilization challenges related to global warming and potential food crisis. The global demand for food is expected to rise by as much as 60% by 2050.

✅ Other technological trends with the largest potential for Polish economy include: smart grids, FoodTech, nanomaterials and nanotechnologies, drone technologies, and hydrogen use in steel production.

Institute Łukasiewicz recommends to increase funding in the listed areas, adapt regulations to meet the needs of technological trends, and stimulate competencies to gain market advantage. Development in these sectors is very promising for the future of Polish economy and presents many opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators.


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