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FAQ about software development nearshoring answered by the CEO of Polar Night Software

The software development market is going in a direction where:

  • Mid- to senior-level expertise is hard to find;

  • Budgets are getting tighter due to the uncertainty in the world today.

This leads to a situation where companies that have never used any nearshoring services are

considering taking that step.

At its best, nearshoring offers software consultancy at a price that equals a senior in-house

developer but with zero recruitment cost. On top of that, using software consultancy services

enables easy upscaling and downscaling based on your development needs.

We are constantly in touch with companies looking for a partner to help them build their digital services. Not all of them have experience using nearshoring, and we hear plenty of questions and doubts about how it would work. Here are some of the questions we have met in real-life contacts with companies from different business areas. Experiences are ours, but the questions are universal.

Isn’t it challenging to stay in touch if the whole team or its part is abroad?

Typically, the same ways you would use to stay in touch with a local team are used with a team abroad. Almost all of us already have some experience working remotely with colleagues, and this is no more difficult than that. Especially if your nearshoring setup is a so-called team extension, a partially local and partially remote team, don’t even think about the other part as a separate team. Just treat everyone as equal team members. Use the same ways of working, the same communication channels and the same tools.

Is there a risk of language issues?

Fluent English skills are a must-have for a consultant in the nearshoring business. On the

customer’s side, at least in the team working with the nearshoring partner, English has to be the working language. At Polar Night Software, we can also serve our customers in Finnish

regarding starting cooperation, project planning and customer contact on the management level.

Are there cultural differences in ways of working and communicating?

Cultural understanding of the customer’s environment is a plus. It helps if the partner has

already had customers from the same country. The cultural differences in working life between Finland and Poland, at least when it comes to IT, are minimal. In your daily work, you barely notice any.

Are nearshored consultants brave enough to ask questions, or do they always say yes?

A good consultant will tell their view on your plans and technical architecture and raise

questions about any issues proactively. The capability to do this depends a bit on the

consultant's experience and personality. That’s why your partner should emphasize this already in their recruitment process.

Polar Night Software is a Finnish-Polish company that offers software development nearshoring services. Most of our customers are at the moment from Finland. We deliver web applications, mobile applications and integrations. We also do team extensions and help our customers build their services and products with their development teams.

Henri Jääskeläinen


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