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Fazer in Poland: Making Life Sweeter for More Than 30 Years

Everyone knows that Fazer chocolates are the favorite treat of Finns. What you might not know is that the brand has also been known and loved by Poles for decades. If you ever wondered about the perfect business gift from Finland, Fazer sweets are a choice that is always appreciated by Polish partners.

The Finnish food giant first appeared in Poland in the early 1990s. Right from the beginning, the Dumle brand has gained massive popularity on the Polish market. In 2021, Fazer set up its own company in Poland. Director CU International Michal Wojcik talked with Julia Morta about Fazer and the confectionery industry in Poland.

Source: Fazer

What brands do you offer in Poland?

We used to offer mainly Dumle, but we recently expanded our product portfolio to include Geisha products and sweets under the Moomin license. In addition, we offer healthy oat milks (Aito and Willja brands) and 100% fruit smoothies.

Are the preferences of Polish and Finnish customers similar?

In Poland, Dumle remains a well-known and beloved brand that we also actively promote on our social media. In Finland, our umbrella brand is Karl Fazer, currently not available in Poland. Karl Fazer bars sell in large quantities and noticeably dominate the market.

Apart from sweets, Fazer also offers bakery products in Finland, such as rye bread. Since most Poles prefer white bread, we haven't yet introduced any bakery products in Poland, but who knows, perhaps we will in the future.

And what's your favorite candy?

My favorite is the premium Fazer brand Geisha. It is based on a Japanese dessert recipe featuring a delicious combination of chocolate and hazelnuts.

What have been the main challenges in the food sector in recent years?

Everyone has faced significant challenges due to the sharp increases in raw material prices. Over the last three years, sugar, packaging, and milk have all become more expensive. Next year, chocolate mass is expected to reach its highest price ever. In Poland, the cost of all products on the shelves has risen, and the confectionery industry has not been immune to that.

How would you compare Finnish and Polish cultures?

I was quite surprised to discover that Poles and Finns have a lot of similarities. Finnish people are honest, keep their word, and approach work seriously. We also share a somewhat dark sense of humor. There are also some parallels in both nations’ history and their fight for independence.

What trends are likely to shape the industry in the upcoming years?

We'll have to wait and see what happens with raw material prices, as a great deal depends on that. There are many interesting developments in the industry. For instance, Fazer has been researching the potential of cellular agriculture for future sustainable cocoa raw material production. Fazer, along with other companies, also makes an effort not to waste food and production waste, but to recycle them entirely. Last but not least, there is an increasing focus on obtaining and using energy efficiently.

What advice would you give to Finnish food companies considering expansion to Poland?

I think it’s important to have the market entry handled by Poles, or people who have lived in Poland for a while, because the reality of Polish trade can be shocking for those new to it. The market is very complicated and differentiated, with numerous customers. There are various chains, such as French, German, Portuguese and Lithuanian, and negotiations with retailers can be very demanding, so it’s helpful to find someone who knows how it all works.

What are Fazer’s further plans for the Polish market?

We aim to present ourselves as a strong premium brand in the minds of Polish customers. Fazer is committed to delivering authentic chocolate.

We ensure that our recipes remain unchanged, consistently maintaining the highest quality.

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