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HT Laser: Quality, Passion & Common Sense

HT Laser is a system and component supplier for global machine building companies and a flexible subcontracting partner for forest, paper, energy, marine, mining, and other industries. The company expanded to Poznań in 2011. 

The Polish branch is being run by Juha Savolainen, who is one of just a few Finnish factory managers in Poland. He shared with us what helps HT Laser to thrive on the Polish market, even during an economic slowdown.

It seems like your production is running at full speed?

We cannot complain at all. Let’s put it this way – we are not seeing any signs of a market slowdown. Of course we know that it is happening, but the trend is not having any influence on us. At least not yet. We have quite a good backlog of orders, at least until June 2024. Due to increasing demand, we will continue to invest strongly in 2024. We plan to double our cutting capacity with a new Bystronic 10 kW fiber laser in January 2024. In this way, we are able to ensure enough capacity for our current and future customers.

What are the main drivers of such a good order situation at HT Laser in Poland?

Quality. Our goal is to keep it at the top level. That is our obsession. We have a really low number of claims from customers and that’s how we want to keep it. Quality comes first, everything else follows from that. As Henry Ford used to say: "Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”

You must have a fantastic crew?

Correct, our staff is well qualified and very responsible. We employ 70 people here, with 20 of those from Ukraine. They feel the same passion for quality as I do.

We are constantly looking for new well-qualified professionals to elevate our performance to the next level. We offer fair salaries and, from 2022, also private medical care.

Where are your customers from?

About 80% of our production is exported outside Poland, mainly to Finland, Sweden, and Germany. Our main focus is in the railway, mining and machine building industry. We also specialize in stainless steel and aluminum structures. This includes various kinds of fuel, water, and oil tanks.

We will have a new government in Poland soon. What do you expect from the political situation?

I try to avoid politics. Maybe if the tax system was easier it would be good for everyone. I hope that the new government will at least not make it more complicated.

What do you think about a 4-day working week?

I don’t think it will work. At least not in the subcontracting business. It could be an option for office businesses and hybrid work models, but not in production companies for now.

Do you work according to lean manufacturing principles?

All our operations are managed by certified quality and environmental systems built according to ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 standards. In addition, we have the following certificates: EN 1090-1, EN 3834-2 and EN 15085-2 CL1. We follow the principles of lean manufacturing, but I like to call it lean manufacturing with a common sense twist.

Juha Savolainen


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