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January: Summary of Business News in Poland

It's time to sum up the first month of the year. There has been a lot of changes in the economy, business and politics - let's catch up!

Here are some of key topics in our January newsletter:

▪ Updated readings and predictions of economic indicators.

▪ Recent activities of Finnish companies in Poland, including Efecte, Renta, Moomin Characters and Spondeo.

▪ Exclusive content from Spondeo publication - insights into developing industrial real estate in Poland by NEXT STEP & success stories of Agileday and Koskisen Oyj.

▪ Upcoming regulations proposed by the a new government.

▪ International projects by Vestas, Windar Renovables, Northvolt, Aira, Pulse Roll Label Products, Protix and Mondelēz.

▪ List of recent acquisitions made by Polish companies abroad.

...and, as usual, much more!

Enjoy reading and see you next month! 👋


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