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Looking for something to read? Check the list of Finnish books translated to Polish in 2022

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

For a couple of years, Finnish literature in Poland has been on a sharp rise. While in 2019 there were only 7 Finnish translations published in Poland, in 2022 there are already 27! These are of all kinds: fiction short stories, young adults’ and children's literature, romances, and even a picture book... Finnish-Polish Literary Translators’ Collective KIRJA prepared a complete list for Spondeo's latest publication.

Short Stories

1. Master storytellers – Scandinavian summer

Raija Siekkinen, Juha-Pekka Koskinen, Rosa Liksom, Kjell Westö, Tove Jansson Mistrzowie opowieści - skandynawskie lato 1. Ostatni dzień lata; 2. Biały zając; 3. XVI 4. Midsommar z panem Laakso; 5. Duża plastikowa kiełbasa Publisher: Wielka Litera Translators: Musielak, Sebastian; Kyntäjä, Dorota; Homanowska, Anna; Teperek, Agata; Czechowska, Justyna

Five stories of Finnish authors – both Finnish - and Swedish-speaking – appear in this short story collection centered around Scandinavian summer. The collection is divided into four thematic parts: City, Road, Vacation and Kiss.


2. Cargo

Kontti (2021)

A. M. Ollikainen

Kontener Publisher: Czarna Owca, Warszawa Translator: Kojro, Bożena

A.M. Ollikainen is actually two writers – Aka and Milla Ollikainen. While they both had already published crime fiction on their own, this was their first collaboration, and also the first book in the series starring Police Commissioner Paula Pihaja. In Helsinki, a dead body is found in a cargo container on a property belonging to a notorious businessman. The investigation is being led by Paula Pihlaja, who focuses on uncovering dark secrets of the businessman’s family, while simultaneously struggling with difficulties in her own personal life.

3. Little Siberia

Pikku Siperia (2018) Antti Tuomainen Mała Syberia Publisher: Albatros

Translator: Kojro, Bożena

Pikku Siperia is a crime novel with strong comedic elements. A man finds himself in a bizarre accident: a meteorite falls from the sky straight onto his car. The locals realize the huge value of the meteorite, and decide to temporarily place it in the neighbourhood museum, where Joel, the priest, is supposed to watch it. Someone attempts to steal the treasure, and even though the burglar fails, Joel still wants to discover his identity. At the same time, his wife announces her pregnancy but Joel has strong suspicions that the child cannot be his.

4. Still Waters Run Deep (A.K.A The Isle of Sheep)

Kun jäljet katoavat (2021)

Elina Backman Kiedy znikają ślady

Publisher: Czarna Owca, Warszawa Translator: Kojro, Bożena

The book is an independent sequel to Backman’s widely acclaimed crime novel Kun kuningas kuolee. Three young men decide to make a documentary about a hermit who lives on the island of Lammassaari in Helsinki. Two of the three disappear, and when one of them is discovered dead, the police start an investigation. Meanwhile, Saana, a journalist with a relatively newfound passion for solving mysteries, sets up a true crime podcast to help locate her colleague’s brother.

5. The Ice Coven

Pahan verkko (2020)

Max Seeck W sieci zła

Publisher: Sonia Draga, Katowice Translator: Wojciechowska, Karolina

Pahan verkko is the second novel in the world-famous Jessica Niemi series. The body of a young Slavic woman has been found on a beach in Helsinki. At the same time, two famous Finnish influencers disappear in what could seem like a publicity stunt, if it wasn’t for the unsettling farewell post on one of their social media profiles. Jessica Niemi’s team is supposed to examine both cases, but the investigator finds herself spiraling into a mental health crisis.

Graphic novel

6. Memento Mori

Memento mori (2020)

Tiitu Takalo Memento mori

Publisher: Timof i cisi wspólnicy, Warszawa Translator: Paczkowski, Piotr

Memento mori is a raw, intimate

autobiographical graphic novel by one of the most famous Finnish creators of the genre. At 38 years old, Tiitu Takalo experienced a sudden cerebral hemorrhage. The long process of recovery forced her to reflect and reconsider her own past and present. It’s a story of how one short event can forever change one’s whole life.


7. Doctor Novel

Lääkäriromaani (2007)

Riku Korhonen

Powieść lekarska

Publisher: Marpress

Translator: Musielak, Sebastian

Middle-aged Niklas is deeply unhappy with his life and relationship. In search of his own voice, he starts writing a novel, while seeking comfort in casual sex and alcohol. It quickly turns out that the path he has chosen will bring him more pain than relief. Unfortunately, Niklas finds himself trapped in a vicious circle that only causes more destruction along the way. It seems that every choice he makes is always the wrong one. In 2010, Korhonen’s novel received the European Union Prize for Literature.

8. Dog Park

Koirapuisto (2019)

Sofi Oksanen Psi park Publisher: Znak Literanova, Kraków Translator: Aniszewska, Katarzyna

Oksanen’s highly acclaimed novel tells the tale of two women and two very different realities. The plot switches between modern-day Helsinki and the early years of post-Soviet Ukraine. Classified by some as a psychological thriller, Koirapuisto leads the reader down the dark paths of mother’s grief after a lost child, but also tackles the grim reality of the fertility industry. The novel made Oprah’s list of Best Translated Books of 2021.

9. Ice

Is (2012)

Ulla-Leena Lundberg

Lód Publisher: Marpress

Translator: Czechowska, Justyna

Young pastor Petter, his wife Mona and their baby daughter arrived in the Åland Islands in the summer of 1946. They fall in love with the tiny windswept island and its small, resourceful community of fisher folk and farmers who struggle every day to create a better future for themselves. But then winter arrives, bringing with her the omnipresent ice... Lundberg’s novel is slow and full of intricate details. It is a long read but at the same time, a true literary feast.

10. The Woman Who Loved Insects

Nainen joka rakasti hyönteisiä (2020)

Seija Ahava Kobieta, która kochała owady

Publisher: Relacja Translator: Polanowska, Justyna

Maria, whose character is based on a historical figure, the German naturalist Maria Sybilla Merian, has been fascinated by insects since childhood, even though she was born at a very unfortunate time for female scientists – the age of witch trials. She takes to drawing meta- -morphic cycles. Throughout the novel, we can observe Maria’s own meta- -morphosis during the 370 years of her strangely long life. Ahava’s protagonist is an extraordinary woman, intent on following her passions and transcending the roles and limitations assigned by her contemporaries.

11. White Hunger

Nälkävuosi (2012)

Aki Ollikainen Biały głód Publisher: Art. Rage

Translator: Polanowska, Justyna

Ollikainen’s debut novel tells a tale of a family struggling to survive during the last naturally occurring famine in Europe, which happened in Finland in 1866-1868. Marja, a farmer’s wife from the north, takes her two children on a journey to St Petersburg, where they may finally find some bread. They are not the only ones attempting to flee the desperate situation. Ollikainen has received some of the most prestigious Finnish literary awards in recognition of his extraordinary storytelling.


12. Adventuress Seikkailijatar (2021)


Poszukiwaczka przygód

Publisher: Risky Romance

Translator: Szalast, Agata

Salla is a sales manager, incurable party animal and a lover of wild adventures. Her life shakes up as she hits her eyes on the grim, ill- dressed – and breathtakingly desirable psychiatrist Konstantin Kankaanpää. Konstantin just happens to be a serious man who doesn’t warm up to women like Salla. Who will win, the man with principles or the passionate woman? Or could it be that they both win?

13. Angel

Enkeli (2021)

Lilith Anioł Publisher: Risky Romance

Translator: Szalast, Agata

Birgitta Linnalaakso has a problem. His father has left a family business in a bad mess. She needs help with marketing and suddenly there is Leo, a younger man with angelic features but not-so-angelic-behaviour. Birgitta is nearly 40 and should be able to deal with this. But Leo has some new, risky ideas that seem very appealing.

14. Bishop Piispa (2021)

Lilith Biskup Publisher: Risky Romance

Translator: Homanowska, Anna

Doris is writing a master’s thesis about the sexual life of unmarried priests. Volter Helakorpi has just been appointed the youngest bishop in Finland, and Doris asks whether he would like to be interviewed for her thesis. Volter agrees. It soon turns out that the young bishop is very attractive, and Doris finds herself enamored of him. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long before Volter discovers some disturbing information about the girl.

15. Challenge

Haaste (2021)


Wyzwanie Publisher: Risky Romance

Translator: Szlęk, Zuzanna

After a breakup, Pihla wants to put dating aside for a while and focus on her career and studies. Her best friend Henriikka decides to intervene and dares Pihla to have sex with five different men before the deadline: if she succeeds, Henriikka will help her get the dream summer job. Pihla’s first date is a much older man, for whom the girl quickly falls. The unexpected relationship will push Pihla’s boundaries and help her discover new aspects of herself.

16. Friend

Ystävä (2020)


Najlepszy przyjaciel

Publisher: Risky Romance

Translator: Bobotek, Artur

Sofia and Santeri used to be best friends – until Santeri left for the United States to pursue a career in film. Years later, after the death of his father, Santeri comes back to Finland. Sofia offers him a place to stay. It turns out that the man whom she welcomes at the airport does not have much in common with the boy whom she remembers from her youth. Their friendship is in danger but something much more exciting seems to be in the cards.

17. Goddess

Jumalatar (2020)


Bogini Publisher: Risky Romance

Translator: Szalast, Agata

Konrad von Holstein is an aristocrat who owns a number of luxurious nightclubs around the world. He’s known for his wild lifestyle and being the tabloid’s favorite. Minerva is an uptight and well educated worker in a charity and she hates nightclubs. When the charity needs a fund from Kondrad, Minerva suddenly finds herself in a weird situation full of passionate games and an alarmingly hot battle of wills...

18. Hotwife

Hotwife (2021)


Niewierna żona

Publisher: Risky Romance

Translator: Wojciechowska, Karolina

Raakel is quite happy with her marriage, they have a lovely little child and everything is just fine. That’s why Rachel is shocked when her husband suggests something completely unheard of. Sakari has always dreamed of a ”hotwife" arrangement meaning that his wife should be with others. Rachel slowly warms up to the idea. But can such an arrangement become dangerous? Especially when Raakel can’t stop thinking about one of her ”acquaintances”, Manuel?

19. Valentina and the Stolen Paintings Valentina ja varastetut taulut (2021)

Lilith Valentina i skradzione obrazy

Publisher: Risky Romance

Translator: Wojciechowska, Karolina

Valentina inherited a prestigious erotic club in Berlin. She has been managing the club for seven years and she prides herself on her work. The only thing missing from her life is any kind of romantic or sexual relationship, which is the effect of her conscious choice rather than lack of interested potential partners. One evening, a mysterious stranger comes to the club, claiming that many years ago Valentina’s late husband took possession of a few priceless paintings. The man asks Valentina to help him retrieve them.


20. Iceman - Kimi's journey

Iceman - Kimin matkassa (2021)

Heikki Kulta Kimi Räikkönen Publisher: SQN, Kraków

Translator: Laskowska, Marta

Formula 1 fans have now a perfect occasion for behind-the-scenes glimpses. Heikki Kulta is an experienced Formula 1 journalist who followed Kimi Räikkönen’s career for over 20 years. Just before the driver’s retirement Kulta released a book, which is actually far from a traditional sportsman biography: it consists of the journalist’s memories, selection of his articles as well as some texts which had never been published before. Kulta is one of the few in Formula 1 whom the Iceman let into his world.

21. King Eagle

Kuningaskotka (2009, 2013)

Janne Ahonen, Pekka Holopainen Maska. Biografia legendy skoków narciarskich Publisher: SQN, Kraków Translator: Laskowska, Marta

The list of Janne Ahonen’s merits in sport is exeptionally long. However, during his long career he experienced many ups and downs. In his biography, which finally has been translated into Polish and updated as well, he not only tells the reader about his struggles for the top in ski jumping, but also reveals disturbing secrets about his private life. Pekka Holopainen is an awarded Finnish sport journalist.

22. The Weather that Changed the World

Väder som förändrade världen... (2018) Marcus Rosenlund Gdy pogoda zmienia bieg historii

Publisher: Bo.wiem, Kraków Translator: Teperek, Agata

Rosenlund’s book tackles historical events from a perspective we don’t often think about – weather conditions. In a fascinating way, the excellent science journalist explains how climate and weather can shape the historical and sociological landscape of the world, influence whole civilizations and hinder carefully planned war operations. From huge cataclysms to seemingly minor weather anomalies which turned out to have significant consequences, Rosenlund shows how powerless humans can be against nature’s whims.


23. Ella and Finisher Ella ja lopettaja (1998) Timo Parvela Ella i wykończyciel Publisher: Dwukropek, Kielce

Translator: Kiuru, Iwona

Ella and her friends are going to a summer camp. When they arrive, it turns out that their teacher from school will be the one taking care of them. The children are happy until they realize that a mysterious stranger is threatening their favourite professor. They decide to conduct an elaborate rescue operation. Ella ja lopettaja is the fourth book from Parvela’s Ella-series published in Poland.

24. Ella on a School trip Ella luokkaretkellä (1997)

Timo Parvela Ella na wycieczce klasowej

Publisher: Dwukropek Kielce

Translator: Kiuru, Iwona

Ella luokkaretkellä is a fun book for younger schoolchildren. It’s the third book from the iconic Finnish series Ella ja kaverit published in Poland. Ella is a happy, energetic schoolgirl, very excited about going on a trip with her classmates. The trip is going great, if only the teacher hadn’t left all the money in the school parking lot... Ella’s class visits a restaurant, a museum and even a zoo, showing a great deal of resourcefulness along the way.

25. Ella in the Theatre Ella teatterissa (1996) Timo Parvela Ella w teatrze Publisher: Dwukropek, Kielce

Translator: Kiuru, Iwona

Ella teatterissa is the second book from Parvela’s beloved series Ella ja kaverit translated into Polish. Ella and her classmates get to organize a Christmas school play. To provide them with inspiration, their teacher takes them to a theater. But of course, nothing goes as smoothly as planned. Fortunately, the children can find fun and important life lessons in every situation!

26. The Masters of Illusion

Tinasotamiehet (2020)

Anniina Mikama Władcy iluzji Publisher: Dwukropek, Kielce

Translator: Musielak, Sebastian

Tinasotamiehet is the final part of Mikama’s Illusionist trilogy. The main characters, Tom and Mina, prepare for their upcoming magic show in London, but Tom also has other goals to accomplish during their trip: he wants to discover the mysteries of his own past. An old enemy finds out about the quest, and Tom and Mina have to unite in order to vanquish their foe, supported by their trusty mechanical companion, the Tin Soldier.

27. The Pearl Whisperer

Pärlfiskaren (2017)

Karin Erlandsson

Poławiaczka pereł Publisher: Dwukropek, Kielce

Translator: Czernow, Anna

Pärlfiskaren is the first novel in the Song of the Eye Stone series. Miranda is the most skilled pearl fisher in the world where pearls are the most important currency. It is also the world where “pearl whisperers” exist – people who can hear the pearls sing and who can simply lure pearls to come to them. Miranda wants to gather the mythical pearl desired by all but even despite her skills and experience, this is no easy task. In December 2022, Dwukropek will publish the second part of Karin Erlandsson’s cycle, The Bird Master (Fågeltämjaren, 2018).

The Finnish-Polish Literary Translators’ Collective KIRJA (Finnish for “book”) was established at the beginning of 2019 and consists of nine Polish professionals. KIRJA’s aims are set out in the Collective’s slogan: We read, we review, we translate. KIRJA actively promotes Finnish literature through its social media channels and webpage. KIRJA’s activities are dedicated to everybody who is interested in Finland and Finnish culture. It also supports Polish publishing houses by promoting their newly published Finnish books.


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